Disclaimer & Risks Factors


The SquareFi Platform, operated by SquareFi Properties LLC, a company registered under the laws of Wyoming, Registration Number 2023-00131043, having its principal place of business at Wyoming, USA, State of Wyoming,  30 N Gould St Ste R Sheridan, WY, 82801, provides a professional online global service that offers various solutions and tools for users to engage in the Real Estate Investments. This disclaimer is intended to make the legal statement related to the operation of the SquareFi Inc. Platform.

SquareFi Inc. operates under Regulation S, which provides exemptions from certain registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933 for securities offerings occurring outside of the United States. This regulation allows for transactions involving securities without requiring registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
The Platform is intended to facilitate transactions and interactions between various parties. Users are responsible for understanding and complying with the terms of use, including any regulations that govern their activities.

SquareFi Inc. provides the Platform as a technology provider and intermediary. While efforts are made to provide accurate and reliable services, SquareFi Inc. shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from the use of the Platform, unless such damages result from gross negligence, willful misconduct, or breach of obligations under the agreement.

Users acknowledge that SquareFi Inc. does not assume responsibility for the actions or decisions of third parties involved in transactions facilitated through the Platform. Users engage with third parties at their own risk and are responsible for conducting their own due diligence. 

SquareFi Inc. provides payments in cryptocurrency, but it does not guarantee the value, security, or stability of specific cryptocurrencies. Users are solely responsible for understanding the risks associated with cryptocurrency payments.

SquareFi Inc. reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Platform's services at its discretion, subject to applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Investment risks

Engaging with the squarefi.co platform presents exciting investment opportunities, although it's important to acknowledge that all investments carry inherent risks. The value of investments can experience fluctuations, and while potential profits are achievable, there is no absolute assurance of returns. It's worth noting that past performance doesn't necessarily dictate future results, and projections or historical data may not precisely forecast upcoming outcomes. The key to successful investing lies in informed decisions, prudent research, and a proactive approach to understanding market dynamics.


Market Volatility

The value of investments on the SquareFi Properties LLC can be affected by market fluctuations, economic conditions, and external factors. These variables can lead to significant changes in investment values, which can result in financial losses.


Lack of Liquidity

Investments facilitated through the SquareFi platform may lack liquidity. This means that there might not be readily available buyers or sellers for these investments, making it difficult to exit your investment position before the intended term.


Regulatory Considerations

The regulatory environment surrounding investments and financial transactions, including cryptocurrency-based activities, can change rapidly. These regulatory changes can impact the legality, tax implications, and overall viability of investments made through the SquareFi platform.


Cryptocurrency Risks

The use of cryptocurrencies for payments and investments carries inherent risks. Cryptocurrency values can be highly volatile, resulting in sudden and significant changes in their worth. Technical issues, security breaches, and regulatory actions can also impact the use and value of cryptocurrencies.


Third-Party Actions

The actions, decisions, and reliability of third parties, including other users, investors, developers, and counterparties, can impact the outcome of transactions and investments made on the SquareFi platform. SquareFi Properties LLC does not assume responsibility for third-party actions or outcomes.


KYC, Due Diligence

Users of the SquareFi platform are encouraged to conduct thorough due diligence and KYC procedures  before making any investments or transactions. It is important to understand the risks, terms, and conditions associated with each investment opportunity and seek advice from qualified professionals when necessary.


No Investment Advice

SquareFi Properties LLC is not an investment advisor and does not provide personalized investment recommendations. Users should not consider any content, information, or communication from SquareFi Properties LLC as investment advice. The information on the platform is based on data provided by the seller. The decision to invest should be based on independent research and consultation with financial advisors.


No Guaranteed Returns

Investments made through the SquareFi Properties LLC platform do not guarantee returns. The value of investments can go up or down, and investors may not achieve the anticipated returns.


Not an Investment Broker

SquareFi Properties LLC is not a registered broker-dealer, investment advisor or funding portal which directly states that SquareFi is not responsible for investors' investments.


Not a custodial company

SquareFi Properties LLC does not hold investor assets.


Platform Reliability

While SquareFi Properties LLC endeavors to maintain the security and reliability of its platform, technical glitches, cyberattacks, and other unforeseen issues can impact the platform's functionality and users' access to their accounts.

The above risk warnings are meant to highlight potential risks associated with using the SquareFi platform. It is important for users to carefully consider these risks and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.